There is a feminine dignity crisis in South Africa. UNESCO estimates that one in ten girls in Sub-Saharan Africa miss school during her menstrual cycle, due to not having sanitary protection. Up to twenty percent of school attendance in a calendar year is missed as a result.
Unesco Puberty Education & Menstrual Hygiene Management Report

Komani produces and distributes high quality reusable sanitary pads. Our vision is to ensure that all women, especially school girls, never have to worry about being without menstrual protection and that the products they use are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Komani is a social enterprise founded by The Umtshayelo Foundation(TUF). Komani sanitary product kits are distributed to women of all ages.

Komani Princess Programme

The Komani Princess Programme offers a care pack with reusable sanitary pads to schoolgirls across the Western Cape. The programme includes menstrual education, resources and workshops at schools. The objective of this programme is to ensure all school girls are not prevented from attending classes or other activities due to not having menstrual protection. In addition the programme helps girls with emotional and physical health around the topic of menstruation.

Komani Direct Sales Network

The Komani direct sales network offers income opportunities to unemployed women who sell our quality reusable sanitary pad kits in their community. Enterprising women are given the opportunity to start their own businesses by selling Komani product kits from home. There is a growing market of women who choose reusable sanitary pads because it is more economical and environmentally friendly. All participating sales ladies receive training and product orientation as part of our financial empowerment programme.